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Frequently asked questions about our reverse osmosis systems

Q: Why is this system any better than the rest of the systems on the market today?
A: The homeowner can easily service this system so you won't need a service person to come out to your home. The systems filter elements including the membrane can be easily removed and replaced simply and sanitarily using no tools.

Q: How is this system comparable in cost to other systems on the market?
A: To purchase a similar system from a local water treatment dealer you would usually pay between $500.00 to $800.00 dollars

Q: What about the units in the home centers for $159.00 are these systems just the same as this one?
A: No unfortunately after they are installed the consumer soon realizes that when they need to replace the membrane in the system the home centers don't even stock them. Replacement full tank shut off's and check valves are unavailable as well. You get what you pay for in quality. If you buy a .69 cent screwdriver it will last accordingly. I have serviced these types of systems in customer's homes many of the components used in these systems are poor quality and not easily found.

Q: Are the replacement elements expensive?
A: Reverse osmosis replacement elements are expensive but when you buy them directly online you can save big. To service our 36-gallon per day system you will pay less than 100 dollars for all 4 elements, this includes the membrane. That's less than most dealers' charge for the membranes alone call around to other dealers in the phone book and find out for yourself.

Q: What about service if I have a problem will I be able to fix it myself?
A: This system is high quality and easy to maintain is always open with up to date repair information available 24 hours a day. If you have any technical questions we have an 800 number for you to call.

Q: What about installation?
A: You will need some basic hand tools. The most critical part of the installation is drilling the hole in your sink. You will need to know the type of sink you have porcelain clad steel, cast iron or stainless steel. We have special cutting tools available for sale that make it quite easy to drill the hole. Most plumbers will have these types of cutters as well. You may download the installation instructions in PDF from and review them so you will be ready for the system when it arrives.

Q: What happens when I move will I be able to take the system with me?
A: Yes, but the hole left in the sink will need to be sealed. You can purchase a stainless steel sink hole cover at almost any hardware store be sure to use some plumbers putty to make it water tight. The feed valve and drain connection should be sealed and left in place these parts are also available at

Q: Can this system be connected to my icemaker?
A: Yes, it is best to use purified ice with purified water, this way you won't get the strange taste or floaties that are common to tap water ice cubes. It is best to throw out the ice cubes every month because pure ice attracts odors from the food in your refrigerator. You will notice that ice cubes made with your system will freeze harder and last longer than tap water ice cubes. Connect your icemaker with a ROCONN reverse osmosis connection manifold this places all of the necessary connections in the most accessible location. One of the benefits of using this manifold is that it allows you to bypass the icemaker in case of a malfunction so you can still get purified water from your spigot mounted on the sink.

Q: How does reverse osmosis work?
A: Reverse osmosis uses the city water pressure to force tap water through a semi permeable membrane. The water is directed across the membrane and then restricted to drain. The water that passes through the membrane will not bring the larger impurities with it. The impurities that remain pass into the drain this is how the membrane stays clean.

Q: How pure is the water after reverse osmosis?
A: A Thin Film Membrane called a TFC will remove between 95 to 99.5 % of all of the Total Dissolved Solids in the tap water.

Q: What is Total Dissolved Solids?
A: It is the total amount of suspended solids in your tap water called TDS. If you were to take a liter of water and boil it in a pan until the water was all gone and then measure all of the residue left behind this would give you the measurement of milligrams per liter (Mg/L) of impurities. Parts per million (PPM) is the same measurement.

Q: Is Chlorine a suspended solid?
A: Chlorine is an organic compound and is best removed with carbon. Reverse osmosis will remove about 1 PPM of chlorine but the carbon filter on the system will remove up to 99% of organic contents found in tap water. Other organic chemicals include solvents and pesticides.

Q: Do all reverse osmosis systems have carbon filters?
A: All residential systems have at least 1 carbon filter and 4 stage systems have 2 carbon filters. ROCONN systems also have sediment filters as well to protect the membrane from heavy solids like dirt and rust.

Q: Are RO systems with 5 stages better
A: It has been my experience with residential systems that an additional carbon filter as a final treatment after the systems post carbon is unnecessary and can restrict the flow of water to your spigot. These extra filters are mainly there for the manufacturers to claim 5 stages. These filters are small usually only 6" inline cartridges and they have a short life span.

Q: Doesn't reverse osmosis waste a lot of water?
A: If you consider the consequences of drinking poor quality tap water for the rest of your life the amount of water reverse osmosis systems pass to drain doesn't seem as big an issue. It takes about 6 1/2 gallons of city water to produce 1 gallon of purified drinking water. The amount of fresh water it takes to produce 1egg is 600 gallons. The amount of water to produce 1 automobile is 660,000 gallons. It takes 50 gallons of water to wash your dishes. Remember the water running to the drain has not been altered in any way it is still useable by wastewater reclamation projects that may or may not be practiced by your community.

Q: How long has this company been in business?
A: We have been in business selling water treatment equipment over the Internet for 3 years. I personally was the service manager of a family owned water treatment company called Shayna Water in Phoenix Arizona for 12 years. I decided to go into business for myself after realizing I could do a better job of providing top quality equipment to the consumer.

Q: Do you use a reverse osmosis system in your home?
A: My 3 children have been using reverse osmosis water there entire life. When they ask for something to drink there may be many other choices but they prefer to drink purified water. When we go out I always hear them commenting about how other drinking water tastes. Once you've had purified water in your home you will wonder how you got along without it.

Q: Is reverse osmosis going to be around for awhile?
A: Many coastal cities are already using reverse osmosis systems to make drinking water from seawater. I believe that point of use purification systems is the future of city water treatment. Demand on fresh water reserves can be overwhelming to city water treatment utilities. Many city water systems are out of compliance with the EPA's Safe Water Drinking Act and pay fines because of it. Drinking water contamination is a big problem in the world we all need to take precautions to ensure that the future residents of the world are left with clean water to enjoy. The population of the world however will continue to increase and so will the consumption of the fresh water reserves. I don't see reverse osmosis systems as an option anymore I consider it a necessity

About the author, David F. Walling has been in the water treatment business for 12 years and has patented products in use with reverse osmosis, water treatment systems. He can be reached through his web site at or 1-800-617-1474, fax: 602-311-1122

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