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POU Reverse Osmosis Installation From

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  • Water Chemistry:
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Hydrogen Sulfide ppm Turbidity ppm Nitrate ppm Arsenic ppb
Manganese ppm pH

  • Disinfection Information (check appropriate boxes):
Chlorine, free ppm at site ppm at source
Chloramine ppm at site ppm at source
Ultraviolet make  Model
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  • Feedwater Conditions:
Has the microbiological safety of the water been confirmed?  Yes     No
Water pressure current high (well) low (well)
Water temperature current high low

  • On-site water treatment equipment installed in/on water supply prior to RO system:
POE Sediment Filter POE Carbon Filter Aeration System Neutralizing Filter
UV System Ozone System Other Other
Softener make model flow rate
Iron Removal make model flow rate
Chemical Feed make model chemical

  • Installation Location Information: (*requires special and/or additional installation parts)

Undersink  Basement*  Wet Bar  Municipal  Garage*  Other

  • Supply Line Type
Copper Tubing Ribbed Copper Poly Tubing Braided Tubing
Copper Pipe Galvanized Pipe Pipe Hidden Braided Stainless

  • Drain Pipe Type:
Plain or chromed brass  PVC/ABS Plastic  Other     Size  

  • Faucet Mounting Surface:
Porcelain on cast iron Porcelain on sheet metal Stainless steel   Formica counter
Tile counter In existing sprayer hole

  • Icemaker/Water Dispenser Information:
Ice only Ice & Water Coper Tubing Plastic Tubing
Replace Copper?  Yes    No
Install in-line filter?  Yes    No
Distance from RO unit to Icemaker: Recommended tubing size: O.D.